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How to use the product: organic apple in cubes you can add to the muesli, yoghurt, morning tea or compote. Freeze dried apple is also great additive to the desserts, ice-creams and cakes. Thanks to that it is without peel, it can be used as a decoration. It can be eaten directly from the package, as a tasty and healthy snack. It is often used in a touristic kitchen.

Storage method: in a dry and cool place, tightly closed.

Net weight: 50 g


Nutrition facts / 100 g:
Energy 1487 kJ / 352 kcal
Fat 0,9 g
as which saturates 0,15 g
Carbohydrate 72 g
as which sugars 22 g
Fibre 14 g
Protein 2,8 g
Salt 0,03 g


Freeze drying is a process where food is drying through the freezing it, in a temperature lower than 40 Celsius degrees. By that, fruits and vegetables, preserve their nutrients, natural appearance, taste and smell. This is why, during the drying under the atmospheric pressure, it comes to sublimation of ice, which means that almost all the water is removed, excluding condensation. It is safe way of processing food, because in a freeze dried process, none bacteries, mould or other pathogenic germs, can survive.

Thanks to freeze-drying process:

  • life of food products is extended;
  • costs of keeping the food are lowering;
  • seasonal of products is not a problem;
  • the long term of storability;
  • reducing spoilage of food – it is enought to storage product in a dry and shadow place.
Weight 60 g


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